Our Agency

Danker & Danker is a traditionally non-traditional marketing and public relations firm providing top shelf services to clients big and small across the world. Unlike traditional agencies, Danker & Danker focuses first and foremost on the needs of the client rather than their finances. By learning where it is you want to go in the future, we can better serve your current needs by choosing the right marketing discipline and objectives that align with your corporate goals. Our team of professionals manage the whole process from strategy development to campaign execution with a focus on creating marketing programs that are empirically measurable and ultimately focused on driving customers to your brand. After all, if your marketing doesn't help your company break out from the pack, what's the point?

If you're tired of 'DIY' marketing but don't believe you can afford the services of a marketing and public relations firm, contact us today and find out just how affordable- and effective- we can be. Email us at info@dankerpr.com or call us at 615.371.6117.

Danker & Danker. For businesses large and small, the doors to marketing success are now open